Unions and federations

You care about what education professionals have to say. And so do we! Our team understands your reality. We specialize in helping education unions and federations manage their finances, and we can advise you on your projects and support you in your vision to make education more equitable.


YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE – Renovations and expansion projects

  • Financing package for short- and long-term capital projects (equipment, furniture, expansion, commercial buildings, etc.)
  • Access to a vast network of specialized experts

YOUR LIQUIDITIES – Responsible optimization of investments (ESG)

  • Investments are optimized based on your goals
  • ESG approach with a range of responsible products
  • Specialized guaranteed products
  • Investment options available 24/7
  • Simplicity
  • Annual meetings on the economic outlook and new investment-related developments

YOUR DEFENCE FUND – Leverage for your negotiations

  • Customized financial tool
  • Line of credit
  • Calculations and simulations for new funds
  • Financing options during union issues (e.g., strikes)

YOUR MEMBERS AND EMPLOYEES – Access to a single offer

  • An offer suited to your employees’ and members’ career phase (student, temp status, full-time and retirement)
  • In-depth understanding of RREGOP and its benefits
  • Retirement planning
  • A responsible, 100% self-directed group retirement savings plan (RRSP and TFSA)
  • Financial literary: Solutions, tools, videos and conferences
  • Solutions for pay period lag


  • One-stop shop for all Desjardins Group partners and programs
  • Personalized support (dedicated account manager, access to specialists, etc.)
  • Access to many exclusive offers for your employees: Contests, scholarships, recognition program, etc.
  • And much more!


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