Caisse Desjardins de l’Éducation is a financial institution for education professionals. Its mission is to support and contribute to improving the economic and social well-being of educators. The caisse strives to be seen as a key partner for educators, with high-quality services tailored to their reality and a strong commitment to the education sector. To this end, the caisse has set up a financial program to support projects that are important to education professionals.

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    The call for proposals is open from January 18 to February 28, 2021.

    Supports meaningful education projects that meet collective needs raised during our previous consultation: *
    These projects unite different stakeholders around a common goal that will have a lasting impact on the education sector and its sustainable development.

    If you are submitting a CDF application, select your project's investment priority.

    Financial support provided to build business partnerships, support activities, events and projects, in exchange for increased visibility for the caisse.

    Financial support provided to non-profit organizations to support their activities. Donations directly support the organization's cause. 

    Your application must include a visibility plan.

    Before completing this form, you must read and agree with the following statements:

    You must complete all fields on this form and email it, with all the required documents attached, to


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    Will the caisse be the exclusive financial institution for the project? *

    If no, name other financial institutions:

    How does your project contribute to the sustainable development of the education sector? Indicate the positive social, economic and environmental impact and how you plan to minimize any possible negative impact. *


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    What will the funding be used for? *

    Are you receiving funding from other sources? *

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    In the past 12 months, have you submitted this project to other Desjardins Group caisses or entities (like the Desjardins Foundation)? *

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    Why should the caisse support your project? *

    Considering that the caisse is focused on growing its business with as many education professionals as possible, what kind of visibility can you offer the caisse in exchange for its financial contribution? *

    Other visibility opportunities: *

    This is not a complete list. Please attach a visibility plan to your application. If your application is accepted, the visibility plan will be formalized in the partnership agreement.


    The caisse may request additional information such as a detailed budget or visibility plan.

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