Involvement in the community

The caisse enhances the lives of individuals and communities through its financial and human contributions. It supports projects that meet the needs and expectations of its members. Desjardins is an important socioeconomic leader in the community and works alongside several partners.

There are many ways the caisse can improve the lives of people and communities. Along with providing financial support, we can encourage employees and board members to develop strong relationships with members and the community.

The caisse always does what’s best for its members. After consulting members and partners, we identified the following investment priorities. The following priorities are for illustrative purposes :

  • Student success and staying in school
  • Promoting careers in education
  • Mental health of education professionals
  • Financial education

Through donations, sponsorships and contributions from the Community Development Fund, we support multiple initiatives in the education sector.

The Community Development Fund (CDF), also called community dividends, is made possible by the yearly extra earnings. During the annual general meeting, members vote on the amount allocated to the CDF. This is a way for our members to support education and important projects.

Apply for a donation, sponsorship and CDF

To apply for financial support, you must first have read the caisse’s investment policy and make sure that your project is related.

Reed the caisse’s Investment policy

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